Who is Putting Our Community at Risk?


Why are the three county commissioners considering another fixed base operation proposal from Majestic Skies out in Florida at our airport when the current FBO barely sells enough fuel to cover their expenses?  If you want to know some facts, here are some:

  This is going to cost at least $5 million and we expect….MORE than that.

  If the FBO is awarded, they are allowed to not pay fees of $350,000 for each of three years.

  An FBO is defined as a general aviation center that at a minimum is required to sell fuel for retail purchase by aircraft other than their own.

  The proposed agreement has flaws.  The wording has been lifted from other agreements online and sent in as theirs.

  Majestic Skies has never operated an FBO – no experience.

  The county is not obligated to proceed on any time scale or schedule.  Let’s stop it here.  It is our money to spend and we want a say in if it should be spent this way.

Call all of your three commissioners now before they bring in another FBO to compete with the current FBO, sell fuel at a longer price to drive Black Canyon Jet Center out of business, then take over the BCJC building and probably not spend any of their money, just ours!  Somewhere along the line, that line has been erased between good for our county and good for someone else known to those in control of the vote for an FBO when there is not enough business to support TWO FBOs.  Call all three now to tell them no to another FBO.  There are no coincidences.  Follow the money; call Montrose County Administration at 970/249-7755.

– Sandra L. Tyler, Montrose

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