VIR Work Session Ducks Contentious Issues, Plucks ‘Low Hanging Fruit’

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OURAY COUNTY – The Ouray Board of County Commissioners took some small steps last week toward refining Section 9 of the county’s Land Use Code pertaining to Visual Impact Regulations.

During a work session on Thursday, Feb. 6, commissioners worked section by section through the first third of a staff-generated revision document of Section 9. 

Commissioners made some modest changes – mostly having to do with wordsmithing and formatting issues – to the revision document and directing staff to make further changes before the next work session, scheduled for the afternoon of Feb. 25 at the Ouray County 4-H Event Center. 

The general theme of Thursday’s work session was to focus on “low-hanging fruit”, fairly straight-forward issues that are not contentious, while leaving “high hanging fruit” types of philosophical issues for discussions further down the road. 

“The two key ‘high-hanging fruit’ issues at this time are blending and expansion of the number of roads” that qualify as Visual Impact Corridors, said Ouray County Land Use Manager Mark Castrodale. 

The BOCC directed county land use staff, at the conclusion of the lengthy Section 9 public hearing last year, to make several changes or revisions to the draft of Section 9 that was put forward by Planning Commission in the spring of 2013. Staff implemented the changes as directed by the Board and presented that revision document at a BOCC work session on Jan. 28. 

 BOCC Chair Lynn Padgett said she expects that “the next draft should be more legible and we will be looking it over for readability and reference accuracy.” or Tweet @iamsamwright

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