TSRC Celebrates 30 Years in Telluride with a Special Town Talk Series

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TELLURIDE – The Telluride Science Research Center celebrates its 30th anniversary this summer by joining the Fourth of July parade, and by hosting eight special Town Talks featuring speakers with strong ties to Telluride.

Town Talks, held Tuesday evenings July 1-Aug. 19, begin with a cash bar happy hour (5:15-6 p.m.), for attendees to meet speakers informally, at the Telluride Conference Center in Mountain Village, and run from 6-7:15 p.m., in the same location.

On Tuesday, July 1, University of Cambridge professor David Wales’ talk, “Molecular Revolution: New Insights into Human Diseases,” kicks off the series. On his maiden visit to TSRC in 1991, Wales rented the house of a local resident with some of his students. They were surprised to find the property unlocked and vacant when they arrived and inquiries revealed that keys to lock the front door did not exist. Two days later he awoke to find an unexpected “visitor” asleep on the couch. The visitor explained that he knew the owners and would often appear on their couch without prior arrangement, so all was well. A familiar Telluride story.

On Tuesday, July 8, George Weiblen, University of Minnesota professor of botany, the only scientist in the U.S. with a federal license to grow hemp for agricultural research, presents “Lead Us not into Hemptation: The Genetics of American Cannabis.” Weiblen has given five provocative and entertaining Town Talks since 2002 on topics such as “Promiscuous Plants,” “Carbon Cowboys Wrangling in the Rain Forest for Riches,” and “The Cannabis Conundrum.”

Other Town Talks include Joan Emma Shea, University of California, Santa Barbara Professor of Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry, discussing “Type II Diabetes: An Emerging Epidemic,” on July 22. She gave a town talk in 2012 on Alzheimer’s disease and served as a Pinhead Scholar in the Schools the same year. Shea’s husband is also a TSRC scientist and they typically come as a family. Their three children are growing up with Telluride as part of their family tradition. A familiar Telluride history.

Other talks include “Swim Like a Mermaid, Spew Like a Pump, Chew Like a Disposal: Proteins in Action,” from Patricia Clark, University of Notre Dame and “The Next 20 years: Green Chemistry by Design,” from Eric Beckman, University of Pittsburgh.

Audrey Marnoy, TSRC board member, will host the program this year. This series is free of charge thanks in part to the generosity of Chuck Horning, the Telluride Ski and Golf Company, and an anonymous donor.

For more information, visit www.telluridescience.org /telluride-town-talks/2014 or call Executive Director Nana Naisbitt, at 970/708-0004. Look out for weekly posters throughout Telluride.


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