To Sign or Not to Sign?


Ballot initiative circulators will be out in force this summer, as 130 initiatives have been submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. To help you decide whether or not to sign a petition, the League of Women Voters offers the following points to consider:

  •   Does it belong in the Constitution? Future changes may be difficult and costly.
  •   Is it complex? Complex issues are better thoroughly examined and debated in a legislative arena. Some initiatives are vaguely written or contain conflicts that may require court resolution.
  •   Whose idea is it? You can find out proponents and opponents from the Secretary of State’s office. Paid signature gatherers are required to wear a badge with the name and phone number of their employer.
  •   How will it be funded?

The League of Women Voters of Colorado is a non-partisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government to build better communities statewide.


– Caitlin Switzer, president, Montrose-Delta League of Women Voters

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