THS Graduating Class Largest Ever


This year Telluride High School graduated its largest class in history; and yet even as we celebrate these young people’s many accomplishments over the past four years, it is worth noting that the class of 2014, in addition to being big, faces huge challenges when it comes to paying for the college education that will be key to realizing their diverse aspirations.  Given the skyrocketing costs of higher education, this is a class with significant financial need.

 Thus, I am happy (and humbled) to report that our community has once again stepped up and responded to this increased need with increased giving.

On Wednesday, May 28, during our Local Scholarship Night at the Palm, the combined generosity of numerous individuals, businesses and foundations in the Telluride region resulted in a record-breaking amount of monies set aside to support our graduating seniors’ college dreams – more than $157,000 in all!

I cannot thank these donors, large and small, enough – though an advertisement listing donors will appear in this paper shortly (please join me in recognizing their good works when you see them out and about on the street).  I continue to be amazed at the way in which this Local Scholarship program has grown from one year to the next.  As an example, Rick Silverman this year initiated a new scholarship targeting ‘First Generation’ students – i.e., those who are the first in their families to attend college (we have fourteen this year – and yes, Rick is still accepting contributions to this fund).  Similarly, many longtime donors this year bumped up the amount of their scholarships in order to help even more students than they have supported in the past.

Again, I think that all of us need to acknowledge what a privilege it is to live in a community that here in the rush of today still finds time to take actions that secure the bright promise of tomorrow.

My thanks to all of the donors to our Local Scholarship Night!


– Karen Lavender, THS College Counselor

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