THS Grad Says Thank You, Telluride

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My family moved to Telluride and I started third grade here. Having graduated, I feel privileged to have grown up in such a supportive community. We moved here for the excellent schools; the high school was recently rated the top public school in Colorado. Aside from the schools, our town has an impressive number of opportunities for its size.

Over the summer between my junior and senior year, the Pinhead Institute provided me with the opportunity to work in the computer science department at UT Austin and also sent six other interns all over the country to intern with professors doing cutting edge research. I’d like to thank Sonchia Jilek and Amy Laubenstein along with the Pinhead board for their amazing effort to provide young people with avenues for scientific exploration.

At the high school, I’d like to thank David and Karen Lavender who dedicate an inordinate amount of their time to inspire students to continue their education and guide them through the college and scholarship application process. It is, in part, their hard work that made it possible for the senior class of 2014 to receive over $150,000 in scholarships! I am the recipient of the Telluride Foundation’s Neil Armstrong scholarship, which will provide me with $20,000 to study computer science at CU Boulder starting this fall.

That’s not all. The Telluride Foundation alone awarded $53,000 to graduates and they’re just one of the many local organizations that contribute scholarships to our students. I feel honored to have been recognized with such a meaningful investment in my future and I’m deeply grateful to both the Telluride Foundation and the family of Neil Armstrong. I’ve been blown away by the generosity of our community and the support everyone has shown me here. Despite its remote nature (undoubtedly part of its allure), Telluride has been the perfect place for me to grow up. I recognize the numerous advantages I have enjoyed growing up here and am forever appreciative of them.



– Brian Ensor


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