Thanks, Telluride Association of Realtors


We would like to thank Robin Pale, Mier Esch, and the Telluride Association of Realtors for their generosity through the First Time Homebuyers Assistance Fund.  Homeownership has been the cornerstone within our long term goals of living in the Telluride area; TAR was instrumental in helping us realize that goal.  Additional thanks to our friend and Realtor, Ryan Kusuno and everyone at Telluride Real Estate Brokers.  The guidance of a professional throughout was invaluable.

As affiliate members of TAR through our local employer, we have had the pleasure to attend various TAR functions.  TAR’s membership, in its entirety, is an asset to Telluride and nearby communities giving back through good stewardship, volunteerism, and grants.  Again, many thanks!


– Seth and Ali Weatherfield


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