Telluride Ski and Golf Welcomes Stalk It

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TELLURIDE – Telluride Ski & Golf has announced its partnership with Stalk It™, an innovative eco-driven board company that uses Cornboard™ in the construction of its products. Dedicated to sustainability, Stalk It manufactures high performance snowboards, skis and surfboards, stand-up paddleboards and long-board skateboards. Stalk It will be the official board company of the year-round resort located in Southwest Colorado.

“From the minute we met with Lane and the Stalk It team we knew we had a great partner and wanted to be involved.  Our conversation revolved around sustainability rather than how great their snowboard is.  We are proud to be associated with them and their products,” said TSG CEO Greg Pack. “We are thrilled to partner with the world class destination resort, Telluride Ski & Golf Resort,” said Stalk It CEO Lane Sergestrom.

Through this partnership, Stalk It will have a large presence in Telluride. Snowboards will be easily accessed by employees, used for prizes and giveaways during TSG hosted events, and will be available to demo during peak times at the resort. Telluride Ski & Golf recognizes the need for eco-innovation, especially in the outdoor industry, and believes Stalk It is a great partner based on their commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly products.

Every Stalk It board is made using Cornboard™ wherever possible while maintaining the highest quality product.  Stalk It’s parent company, Corn Board Manufacturing Inc. produces Cornboard from corn stalk husks and leaves that remain in the field after corn is harvested. This by-product is commonly referred to as corn stover. Corn stover is combined with a resin and bonded under heat and pressure to create Cornboard, a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to pressed wood products.

An abundant and renewable by-product of commercial corn production, corn stover is not fully utilized. Yearly corn production in the U.S. is increasing, creating over 580 billion pounds of corn stover annually. Removing corn stover from the field and bailing it stops decomposition and reduces CO2 emission by 1.5 tons per acre. Harvesting corn stover and turning it into Cornboard™ can help save millions of trees by reducing the need to harvest forests for pressed wood products. It can be utilized as a replacement for pressed wood products in thousands of applications from building materials to consumer products; If it can be made from pressed wood, it can be made from Cornboard.

In addition to partnering with eco-friendly companies such as Stalk It, TSG’s green initiatives include updates to snowmaking systems for the second year in a row (to help reduce the resort’s carbon footprint). The new highly efficient equipment consists of 38 new Snowlogic snowguns that use 10 times less energy to blow snow. They are also installing a “gravity water line” that will transfer water from the snowmaking pump house to lower areas of the resort using just the force of gravity and eliminating the usage of an electric pump. Committed to the environment, TSG works to partner with companies who share this same value.

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