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Lights Out: (Fri. July 11) Officer responded to a two-person bike accident approximately 1 mile west of the high school when one of the victims called. A male and a female were involved in a collision when the male was traveling at high speed down a hill on the bike trail. The male victim sustained multiple abrasions and the female, who suffered multiple fractures to her facial bones, was transferred to Grand Junction for treatment. Both parties share equal blame as neither had lights activated on their bicycles.

Worked Up: (Thu. July 10) Officer responded to a disturbance outside a popular drinking establishment and found the agitated perpetrator yelling obscenities and waving his arms around. A concerned person who lived in the perpetrator’s apartment complex called police after hearing him banging on the door of another apartment, yelling that he was an armed officer and accusing the inhabitants of having crack. The concerned citizen escorted the man to the sidewalk before reporting him. The man resisted the police officer, was handcuffed and refused to cooperate with medical personnel called to determine if he was fit to go to jail. It was determined that he was fit.

REDDI For Jail: (Tues. July 8) Police received a REDDI (“Report Every Drunk Driving Incident”) report from a worried motorist that the driver in front of him near the spur in hillside was weaving across the center lane and causing oncoming traffic to move out of the way to avoid a head on collision. The driver was arrested for DUI and later blew a .258. Marijuana and paraphernalia were also found in plain view during a search of the automobile.

Transient Immunity: (Wed. July 3) Officer on foot advised by dispatch of illegal campers on the North side of the River Trail by the beaver pond found seven of Telluride’s local transients and determined three were knowingly camping illegally. The three were issued summons, despite protest from one of them that he was “immune from prosecution” under a “usc” code for which he mentioned several numbers. The officer was not convinced and all three were advised of their court dates.

Stolen Bike: (Mon. June 30) A witness reported seeing a “dark-skinned, shabby and possibly homeless guy with short brown hair” possibly around age 35 pick up and ride a bicycle away from a local business in Telluride. The bike actually belonged to someone else, a fact the witness was unaware of until it was reported stolen by its owner.

Jewel Heist: (Sun. June 29) A guest at an upscale hotel on Colorado Ave. reported a diamond ring, valued at $7,000, stolen from her room. The guest believes no one but she, her husband, and the hotel’s housekeeping staff had access to the room. The hotel manager stands by the integrity of his staff and claims that in 15 years of working with the same housekeeping staff, nothing has come up missing.

Reunited At Last: (Sun. June 30) At the 2014 police bike auction a woman claimed one of the bikes up for bid belonged to her, and it had been missing for some time although she had no reported it stolen. The officer agreed that if she knew the combination to the lock on the bike, he would register the bike in her name and return it to her. Without hesitation she opened the lock and he delivered on his promise.

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