Telluride Marshal’s Blotter: Transient Fights, Condo Theft, Hat Thieves…

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Look Before You Exit: (Sat. July 26) A deputy responded along with the Telluride Fire Department to a reported “bicycle crash.” According to the victim’s statement, he was riding his bike on West Colorado Ave. and the crash occurred when the door of an SUV “opened violently” and struck his right hand. The victim’s index finger was severed.

Another Stolen Bicycle: (Wed. July 23) A women reported her son’s bike stolen from outside Wilkinson Public Library. The boy’s black BMX bike (with red paint showing through) had only been outside for 20 minutes and was unlocked.

Fancy Hat Thieves: (Mon. July 21) A salesperson at a popular high-end leather and fur shop reported three hats stolen over a period of a few days. One, the “Steampunk Roadkill Topper,” a leather hat with a feather, leather and bone theme, is valued at $485, while the other two “Steampunk Krakken Toppers” have an Octopus-Sea Monster theme and are valued at $385 each. No fashionably attired suspects have been seen or named.

Drunk In Public: (Sun. July 20) An officer was dispatched to a local restaurant to escort an intoxicated patron out after he refused to leave when asked, after restaurant personnel noticed he was bothering patrons. The man later attempted to re-enter the establishment, and tried to steal food and attempted to “mark patron’s faces with a mascara pencil.” He was arrested for obstruction, disorderly conduct and trespass.

Lost And Found: (Sat. July 19) A woman stopped an officer to report that while loading camping gear into her car, she ran up to her apartment for a minute and returned to discover her sleeping pad and hiking boots (which she had set against her building) stolen. The officer patrolled the area but could not locate the items. Two days later the victim contacted the officer to report she had found her items shortly after they had gone missing, next to the deck on the river trail. No one was in the area. She did not contact the officer sooner because she was camping.

Bar Brawl With Heavy Artillery: (Sat. July 19): Officer responded to a call from a local drinking establishment that there was a fight outside. Although no one was outside, upon the officer’s arrival he was able to locate the victim, a local transient, who had serious injuries to his face. The victim, a transient, was reportedly uncooperative, and stated “that guy gave me a smiley face.” A witness was able to inform the officer he had seen the victim blindsided by another transient individual with what appeared to be a sock with a lock inside of it. The victim was taken to the hospital where it was suspected his orbital bone was broken; a nurse discovered chain marks on his back. The officer was able to locate and arrest the suspect the next day for assault, and found a chain around his neck with a metal pipe duct taped to it. The suspect had one sock in his pocket, but no lock. The suspect’s BAC was .220 when he was placed under arrest. Since the incident the police have been unable to locate the victim.

Drunk Transients With Warrants: (Sat. July 19) At 10:06 p.m. an officer was dispatched to the Town Park on a report that ten individuals were yelling, screaming and breaking glass in the warming hut. Upon arrival the officer recognized the remaining people as several local transients. The transients explained they had been in an an argument, but it had ended, and they had already cleaned up the broken glass. The officer recognized one of them as someone with a municipal warrant out for his arrest; the man was placed under arrest and it was determined his BAC was .151.

More Drunk Transients With Warrants: (Fri. July 18) Two more transient individuals were arrested, one for failure to comply with an outstanding warrant, and one on a municipal warrant from the Town of Telluride. The individuals BAC’s were, respectively, a .213 and a .167. Both were placed in jail without incident.

Condo Theft: (Sun. July 13) A woman visiting from Texas reported her rented condo was broken into and that a Cartier Watch, and a small Louis Vuitton messenger bag were stolen from a large Michael Kors tote bag while she and her family were out to dinner. The victim told the responding officer that although she had taken a Valium on the plane and her mind was “not quite clear,” she was relatively certain she locked the door to the condo when she left for dinner. Electronic devices in the condo were not stolen. The woman later reported her passport was among the robber’s cache. No other items were reported stolen.

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