Telluride Marshal’s Blotter: Bike Thefts and More Alcohol Fueled Arrests

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Transient Arrested. Again: (Aug. 11, 6:45pm) – Officer went to Beaver Ponds area to locate a transient male of previous (anonymous) Police Blotter fame, on three municipal warrants. Subject was found and told the officer he did was unaware of warrants and that he had attended all court dates. The officer informed him he had missed a recent court date and had multiple warrants, and placed him under arrest. Upon arrival at the county jail it was discovered that the subject’s BAC was more than twice the legal limit.

Man Down: (Aug. 17) – Officer reported to EMS call of “a man down on the sidewalk and not moving” on W. Colorado Ave. EMS arrived on scene, followed by police, who recognized the subject as one of the local transients. The man was highly intoxicated, and has had numerous previous similar contacts with police.

Locked Bike Stolen: (Aug. 18) – A woman reported her black and silver cruiser (with feathers in each end of the handle bars) stolen from the bike rack in South Sprice Park. She said the bike was locked with a chain and master lock.

Unlocked Bike Stolen: (Aug. 18) – A woman reported her green Schwinn cruiser bike stolen from the back deck of Ah Haa School a few days prior. The bike was unlocked, and had a lock in the basket. It also has a New Belgium sticker under the seat.

Bike Stolen From Garage: (Aug. 19) – A woman reported her bike, a silver Spcialized Stump Jumper with a sparkly front fork and yellow decals, was stolen from the open garage she was storing it in for the winter. She believes the bike to have been stolen sometime between Feb. and Apr. of this year.

DUI Arrest: (Aug. 22, 11pm) – A vehicle was observed by an officer in a patrol vehicle on W. Colarado travelling 30mph in a 15mph zone, and then hitting one of the raised crosswalks very hard. The officer followed the vehicle and noticed it was weaving, crossing lane, and swerving. After a quarter mile the vehicle pulled over onto the shoulder and the officer activated his lights and contacted the driver. The driver smelled strongly of alcohol, but insisted he had had ntohing to drink and that he pulled over because the officer was “tailgating him.” Although he initially consented to raodside maneuvers he refused to cooperate and was placed under arrest for DUI, transported to jail and is awaiting the results of a blood test after refusing to submit to a breathalyzer.

Hot Tub Trespass: (Aug. 23) – Officer responded to a complaint of people “talking in the hot tub” after hours at a Telluride apartment complex. 4 people, not residents of the apartment complex, were found in the hot tub and the gate was still locked. The 4 admitted to climbing the fence and poaching the hot tub. The HOA of the complex was given the opportunity to press trespass charges but declined to do so at the time this was written.

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