Telluride Loses Mark Buchsieb

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Mark Buchsieb

Mark Buchsieb

TELLURIDE – Telluride resident Mark Buchsieb, 67, died Saturday, March 8, from toxic shock syndrome.
According Telluride Medical Center Executive Director Gordon Reichard, Buchsieb arrived at the center “very, very sick,” and was quickly transported via helicopter to St. Mary’s hospital in Grand Junction, where he died.
Buchsieb served two consecutive four-year terms, from 1999 to 2007, as a Telluride Town Council member, championing, according to Telluride Mayor Stu Fraser, increasing the availability of affordable housing in the region and growing the town’s land bank.
He made an unsuccessful bid for council in 2013, saying in an interview that his goal was to create a town with more opportunity for its citizens, promising to continue advocating for more affordable housing in the region and creating more educational programs for the town’s youth.
Buchsieb had an extensive background in the public sector, including working for a prosecutor’s office in Ohio, helping to investigate welfare fraud. For one day a week, he served as a bailiff.
A recovering substance abuser for 40 years, Buchsieb says that Telluride saved his life by inspiring him to enjoy the outdoors and to get involved in the community.
“It’s a wonderful community,” he said of his home town. “There is more democracy here than in most places in the United States.”.
For the last eight years, Buchsieb volunteered his time as a crossing guard for the Telluride School District.
“His humor, care for our students as they walked to the elementary school, his love for life was exhibited every day,” said Telluride School District Superintendent Kyle Schumacher; Schumacher remembered Buchsieb for “his friendly wave and crazy hats, [which] will be missed by students and parents and teachers alike.”
“I always viewed him as being extremely honorable and caring,” Mayor Stu Fraser said an in interview with The Watch. “He did not align himself with any one group of people. Today when I was walking downtown, the variety of people that walked up to me and asked about him… You can’t put a label on his constituents because he was the voice of the town.”

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