Telluride Institute Hosts First Sustainability Now! Ideas Festival Guest Commentary

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The Telluride Institute’s Sustainability Now! Ideas Festival will be held Thursday, Oct. 13-Sunday, Oct. 16 at the Sheridan Opera House, in conjunction with the 3rd Annual Beaming Bioneers satellite feed. Bioneers, the San Rafael, Calif.-headquartered convention, brings together visionaries from around the world to discuss, in plenary and breakout sessions, practical solutions and innovative ideas that will enhance the quality of all life on the planet.
Telluride is one of 18 future-savvy U.S. towns and/or universities selected to receive the Bioneers Plenary Sessions’ satellite feeds; recipients then develop their own regionally relevant supplementary panel discussions and workshops.
The Telluride Institute’s Ideas Festival kicks off Thursday, Oct. 13, with a 4 p.m. opening party and reception at the Elks Club. All are invited to meet seven visiting senators from the Czech Republic who are here to conduct a fact-finding mission focused on ecotourism and how they might develop their region’s ecotourism in a sustainable manner.
Their travels include visits to both coasts, the Navajo Nation and Telluride, where they have been in contact with the Telluride Institute because of its boundary-busting approach of protecting all resources, and using the watershed as a geographical boundary, rather than surveyor’s straight lines. We welcome them to Telluride Thursday.
Also present will be Bernard Lietaer, Ph.D., a research fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resources at the University of California, in Berkeley, whose latest book is titled The Future of Money.
Friday, Oct. 14, participants gather at 9 a.m. at the Opera House for a one-hour energy panel: “Powering the Future” with solar expert Kelvin Verity leading the discussion, alongside energy specialists Brett Guerrero (geothermal), Glen Harcourt (biodiesel), Chip Comins (wind) and Tom Kovalak from the San Miguel Power Association, discussing our energy future. This will be followed by Part One of the Bioneers Live Plenary Session, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
After a lunch break, panel discussions will be held on the following topics – “Everybody Eats! What is Your Local Foodshed?” with leader Kris Holstrom; “Waste Not, Want Not” with Kris Holstrom; “Sustainable Businesses” with Matt Beck; “Air Quality: A Success Story,” featuring Lance McDonald, Telluride long-range planner, followed by “Life in the Mountains, the Next Generation” with Matt Beck; and the Bureau of New Mistakes, delivering quick vision statements or problem summaries that encapsulate personal and provocative views of what we might come to.
Following the Friday dinner break, Dr.Bernard Lietaer delivers the Ideas Festival keynote speech, The Future of Money, at the Sheridan Opera House, 7-8:30 p.m.
Saturday’s post-satellite feed discussion groups will cover topics that range from an “Elected Officials Forum,” with Ophir Mayor Monica Carey and Telluride Town Councilmember Mallory Dimmitt discussing the “State of the Region” and “How Green Is Your Valley?”
At 6:30 p.m., the Bioneers Plenary Sessions will beam once again.
Sunday morning kicks off with a panel discussing Telluride’s “Crisis on Main Street?” followed by the fifth and final Bioneers feed.

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