Telluride Community Discusses Pool Design

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TELLURIDE — By hosting a public meeting featuring designs and opportunities to hear public input, the Town of Telluride inched closer last week to its goal of constructing a new community pool in Town Park. If the planning and construction phases go smoothly, the pool, shower and restroom facility could be completed as early as this year. 

Community members offered their input, which included perspective from local swim coach Lisa Ball, who hopes the pool will be competition-grade and could allow the town to host regional swim meets. 

The need for a new pool is clear, said Telluride Parks and Recreation Director Stephanie Jaquet. Constructed in 1984, the town’s existing outdoor pool is showing significant signs of aging and is well beyond its engineered lifespan. Last year, a structural engineer examined the pool and found that concrete walls supporting the liner were showing signs of strain. The walls are even bowing in some areas – a sign of severe aging. 

The pool’s Red Restroom is also showing troubling signs of age, according to Jaquet. This multi-purpose facility provides a space for swimmers to shower and use the restroom, and also serves all park users including campers and festival attendees. 

“The facility is no longer adequate for the community’s growing need,” she said, “The pool is violating Americans with Disabilities and other health codes – we’re not up to some codes on either of those.” 

The new facility would be compliant with regulatory codes, and would continue to act as a multi-purpose facility, Jaquet said. It would be expanded, however, to a size of 2,500 square feet, featuring indoor and outdoor lockers, showers and restrooms. 

At 30 feet by 60 feet, the town’s existing pool is not currently a regulation-sized pool for competition, said Jaquet. The town plans to cater to the needs of local swim teams by constructing a new pool that is 45 feet in width and 75 feet in length, complete with individual lanes that could be used for competition purposes.

In addition to accommodating the typical uses of a public pool (free swimming time, water aerobics and swim team practice), the town hopes the pool will serve other purposes the public requested, including in-pool kayak rolling classes, scuba diving classes, skier and snowboarder aerial stunt training and inner tube sports. 

The Town of Telluride has budgeted $1.35 million in its capital improvement fund to construct the pool and facility this year. The San Miguel Board of County Commissioners has committed to contribute up to $300,000 to assist with construction, and the town is waiting on a pending $350,000 Great Outdoors Colorado grant.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will be considering designs and the pool’s budget at a meeting during a 6 p.m. meeting on Feb. 19 at Rebekah Hall in Telluride. Jaquet said the commissioners welcome public input. 

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