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10/20/14 | By | More

ISIS has ‘been “slouching toward Bethlehem to be born,” to quote Yeats, for decades.’

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DISPATCHES | When It Snows, the Cable Goes

10/09/14 | By | 23 More

And other complaints regarding you-know-who….

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DISPATCHES | We Still Have Fall

09/30/14 | By | More

The world around us is rapidly going to hell in the proverbial handbasket, but we still have autumn.

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DISPATCHES | Reading Rocks, Part II

09/25/14 | By | More

The surface of our planet is decorated with thousands of messages, clues and arcane symbols, most of them charged with meaning.

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DISPATCHES | Reading the Riddles in the Rocks

09/16/14 | By | More

An abstract geometrical petroglyph has been discovered in a cave in southern Spain that dates back to when our ancestors were still Neanderthals.

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DISPATCHES | Corporations and the Nation State

09/10/14 | By | More

Drill for oil on the Arctic Sea floor and drown the entire global industrial system?

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9/11 Talk at Wilkinson Aims to Honor Victims, Spark Discussion

09/08/14 | By | More

Is the U.S. really safer today than it was before Sept. 11, 2001?

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Dispatches|The Fading Promise, Part Two

09/03/14 | By | 78 More
Dispatches|The Fading Promise, Part Two

Schultheis on the future: “Be afraid; be very, very afraid. Or, better, be angry, be very,very angry.”

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A National Problem

08/29/14 | By | 26 More

Who gives marksmanship lessons to the Missouri police, Mister Magoo?

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DISPATCHES | The Fading Promise of Tomorrow

08/26/14 | By | 38 More

Slouching towards Bethlehem…

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DISPATCHES | The United States of Ferguson

08/18/14 | By | 32 More

In many similar cases poverty, not color, is the villain. Ever watch that nauseating television series Cops?

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Setting De Bivort Straight on Afghanistan

08/14/14 | By | 64 More

I have never read a more astounding collection of misrepresentations and outright falsehoods than those put forth by Mr. Lawry de Bivort in his comments on Afghanistan in the Aug. 13 Watch.

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DISPATCHES|Rally Around the Flag

08/14/14 | By | More

Is Schultheis the only American repulsed by those television ads using our veterans to sell?

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Ajax No Vote ‘Arrogant, Short-Sighted, Thoughtless…’

07/14/14 | By | More

How to describe the council’s inexplicable decision?

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DISPATCHES | The Press Strikes Again

08/22/13 | By | More
DISPATCHES | The Press Strikes Again

No wonder the American press is taking a pass on the real story in Egypt, which is our nation’s collusion with the fanatical murderous cult of Wahabbism, and the wealthy Saudis who fund it.

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