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Carbon Pollution Needs More Regulation

06/15/14 | By | 841 views More

We can be grateful that our President is at least doing something to limit carbon pollution which, as of now, has had no regulation at all.

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Respecting Wilderness

The 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act of 1964 is here.

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THS Graduating Class Largest Ever

06/13/14 | By | 897 views More
THS Graduating Class Largest Ever

I am happy (and humbled) to report that our community has once again stepped up and responded to this increased need with increased giving.

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TAR Has Done It Again!

06/05/14 | By | 629 views More

Thank you so much for supporting first-time homebuyers.

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Thank You Ridgway School Board

05/22/14 | By | 995 views More

I read that a petition is circulating to recall the members of the Ridgway board of education.

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Open Bard Poetry Series Thanks

We would like to thank our very generous community for supporting and embracing the Open Bard Poetry Series’ 2013-2014 inaugural season.

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Who is Putting Our Community at Risk?

05/07/14 | By | 346 views More

Why are the three county commissioners considering another fixed base operation proposal from Majestic Skies out in Florida at our airport when the current FBO barely sells enough fuel to cover their expenses?

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Additional FBO at Montrose Regional Airport?

05/07/14 | By | 364 views More

The Montrose County Board of Commissioners is currently deliberating the addition of a second Fixed Base Operator at the Montrose Regional Airport.

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Thank You, PEP Grant!

I would like to thank Elisa Marie Overall (Emo) and all of the lovely people at the Telluride Med Center.

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Telluride Sixth Graders Participate in Electrical Energy Panel Discussion

05/02/14 | By | 440 views More

What an amazing community we live in!

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