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CORA Lawsuit Costs Montrose County Over $265K

09/24/14 | By | 136 More

The judge’s ruling states that both parties prevailed, but the county was ordered to settle with Jet Canyon Partners regarding records requests.

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SPORTS WATCH | Will Sleeping Beauty’s $10 Million Lawsuit Work?

07/09/14 | By | More

I doubt Rector will see a full $10 million out of this but you never know in this country.

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EDITORIAL RANT | Montrose County’s Public Relations Problem

06/23/14 | By | More

I am not saying they’ve done anything illegal but they certainly haven’t done things that help keep public discontent off their back.

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Mountain Village Files Motion to Dismiss Goodman Lawsuit

05/31/14 | By | More

Did the Town of Mountain Village made substantive changes to private trail rights when the town amended a legal document to correct a previously recorded subdivision plat?

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FBO Hearing Cancelled for Third Time in Montrose

05/08/14 | By | More
FBO Hearing Cancelled for Third Time in Montrose

The cancellation of the May 8 hearing is to allow for further conversations with Majestic Skies and to address public concern.

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Curtis Robinson, MLC Primary Landowner, Sues City of Montrose

05/02/14 | By | More

Robinson seeks an injunction against the city’s operation of the course while the court determines and enforces “the reciprocal legal relations and duties.”

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