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Telluride Medical Center Will Move to Mountain Village

11/07/14 | By | 345 More

The final decision was announced at a regularly scheduled THD board meeting on Friday.

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Telluride Out for New Medical Center

09/22/14 | By | 392 More

It’s either Mountain Village or Lawson Hill and Telluride’s ballot question seeking to measure public sentiment about the use of a town parcel is apparently moot.

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Voters Will Be Asked In November If Medical Center Should Stay In Telluride

08/19/14 | By | 85 More

The question will ask voters if they would prefer to see a med center, a rec center or affordable housing on the property.

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Medical Center Site Forum Focuses On Lawson Hill and Mountain Village

08/14/14 | By | 99 More

Although the issue of keeping the Medical Center in Telluride was a common theme, it was conspicuously absent from the formal presentation.

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Telluride May Be Out for New Medical Center Location

06/26/14 | By | More
Telluride May Be Out for New Medical Center Location

The town’s approval process and the hospital district’s location selection process are not matching up.

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Telluride and MV Vie With Lawson Hill to Host New Med Center

06/03/14 | By | More

A new Telluride Medical Center could open its doors in five years.

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