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Silverton Homicide Case Bound Over for Trial

11/11/14 | By | 741 More
Silverton Homicide Case Bound Over for Trial

An arraignment for Dec. 12 has been set when Michael McFarland is expected to make a plea.

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Silverton Homicide Case Inches Toward Trial

09/02/14 | By | 106 More

“Right now, we are anticipating that it will go to trial,” said McFarland’s attorney Joel Fry.

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Charges Filed in Homicide Case Suggest Recklessness Rather Than Intent

08/06/14 | By | 112 More

Michael McFarland was arrested after authorities found Jessica McFarland’s body in the couple’s Silverton home on the morning of June 6.

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Judge Postpones Filing of Charges Against Mike McFarland

07/02/14 | By | 101 More

Attorney Risberg asked that the filing be rescheduled for late July, so investigators can have ample time to complete their investigation into the death of McFarland’s wife.

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Memorial Service Planned Sunday for Jessica McFarland

06/18/14 | By | 181 More

McFarland’s widowed husband Michael McFarland was arrested and charged with her murder on June 6.

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Silverton Man Arrested for Suspected Homicide

06/06/14 | By | More

Michael Allen McFarland was arrested Friday morning without incident. His wife, Jessica McFarland, is dead of possible stab wounds.

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