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RTA Dead for 2014

05/22/14 | By | 694 views More

A decision by the Telluride Town Council on May 13 not to continue to participate in countywide planning to create a Regional Transportation District has effectively killed the effort, at least for this year.

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UP BEAR CREEK | WEBA Hosts First Meeting in Norwood

05/08/14 | By | 1,426 views More

Any cyclists out there are encouraged to attend an organizing meeting on Tuesday, May 13, at the Gordon Glockson building in Norwood.

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Alpine Ranger Program Shifts Allegiances, Realigns Patrols of High-Country

05/08/14 | By | 496 views More

This summer, the Alpine Ranger Program will take a different form.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Turning Back the Clock on Dolores River Protections?

05/02/14 | By | 1,692 views More

The Commission is holding worksessions to see if they can find a compromise that the Montezuma Commissioners will agree to.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Off-Season Thrills and Trills

04/25/14 | By | 1,041 views More

Towards the end of her life, Dolores LaChapelle began to dislike the word “deep;” no doubt she’d picked up on a dissonant connotation as the New Age High Church version of “wow.”

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