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Montrose County Zoning Resolution Amendment Continued

07/25/14 | By | More

Language in the “prohibitive uses” section in the General Agricultural and General Residential districts could be removed.

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‘Off the Deep End?’

07/21/14 | By | More

Have the Montrose County Commissioners gone off the deep end again?

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UP BEAR CREEK | Trying to Limit Needless Regulations

07/15/14 | By | More

Truth be told, Goodtimes heard support for new regs in the East End and only opposition in the West End.

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Flammable Gas THC Extract Prohibited in Residential Settings

07/10/14 | By | More

Both County Attorney Steve Zwick and County Planning Director Mike Rozycki made it clear that the blanket prohibition in the ordinance would only apply to residential areas.

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County Manager Eckert’s Severance Package Tops $115K

05/22/14 | By | More
County Manager Eckert’s Severance Package Tops $115K

“Due to the frustration he incurred, we felt it was appropriate to give him additional severance.”

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Who is Putting Our Community at Risk?

Why are the three county commissioners considering another fixed base operation proposal from Majestic Skies out in Florida at our airport when the current FBO barely sells enough fuel to cover their expenses?

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UP BEAR CREEK | Turning Back the Clock on Dolores River Protections?

05/02/14 | By | More

The Commission is holding worksessions to see if they can find a compromise that the Montezuma Commissioners will agree to.

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Ken Norris to Serve as Interim Montrose County Manager

05/01/14 | By | More

While serving as acting and interim county manager, Norris will continue his responsibilities with the facilities division from the administration office.

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