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Telluride Gets the Ball Rolling on Affordable Housing

11/19/14 | By | 265 More

“The site is well-suited for affordable housing,” said Telluride Program Director Lance McDonald.

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Share the Road Is Here to Stay

10/09/14 | By | 78 More

Despite a repaved bike path, Telluride cyclists will still be allowed to ride the Hwy. 145 Spur.

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A Tsk-Tsk to Town Board No-Shows

09/19/14 | By | More

Councilor Thom Carnevale expressed discomfort with the idea of removing commission members when there are no rules for councilors.

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Council Debates Language for Med Center Ballot

09/03/14 | By | More

Voters will be asked whether or not the preferred use of Lot B on Pearl Property is for new medical center.

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Voters Will Be Asked In November If Medical Center Should Stay In Telluride

08/19/14 | By | 84 More

The question will ask voters if they would prefer to see a med center, a rec center or affordable housing on the property.

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Montrose Proposal May Energize Regional Transit Discussions

08/14/14 | By | More

The RTA feasibility study addressed the costs, benefits and challenges of building and funding a public transportation system.

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Telluride Makes Big Play to Keep Science Center

08/05/14 | By | More

The Telluride Town Council has directed the town attorney to draft a lease agreement for consideration in three weeks.

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Telluride, Hospital District Plan Separate Talks to Find Site for Med Center

07/28/14 | By | More

Telluride scrambles to remain under consideration as a location for a new medical center, after declining to join in the Hospital District’s site selection process.

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