Suspected Meth, Cocaine Dealers Arrested

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Western Slope, 7th Judicial Drug Task Forces Continue Fight Against Hazardous Drugs

MONTROSE — Drug Task Force agents with the 7th Judicial District are committed to removing hazardous drugs from the street, and a pair of recent busts is proof of that effort.

Last week agents arrested a pair of men accused of trafficking cocaine in the Montrose, Delta areas.

On July 3, officers arrested Jose Arellano and Leobardo Hernandez after Hernandez sold one ounce of cocaine to a confidential source working with the task force.

Both men were charged with possession with intent to distribute a scheduled two controlled substance, and conspiracy.

According to Arellano’s arrest affidavit,he told agents that he was just the middle man between Hernandez and another man.

The task force had been investigating the dealers for about six months. To establish Hernandez’s clientele and well as his source of supply, officers began audio and video surveillance on Hernandez that shows him selling one ounce of cocaine for $800 to a source in Delta. It is not noted how long ago that transaction took place.

On July 2, officers followed Hernandez to a home located off 5500 Road after a confidential source called Hernandez requesting a “large amount of cocaine in exchange for U.S. currency.”

Hernandez called the source from the home and said the buy would take place the next day July 3.

Agents showed up with search warrants on Thursday, July 3, arresting Hernandez along with Arellano, who was living there as well.  Arellano told agents that there was no methamphetamine in the home, only cocaine, hidden in an outside shed’s exhaust manifold. The total weight was 21.8 grams.

According to his arrest affidavit, Arellano told officers he was the middle man between Hernandez and another man only referred to as “Kike.” Arellano said that on July 2, when officers were investigating a purchase, “Kike” delivered a large amount of cocaine; that same day Hernandez was spotted by agents buying $239 worth of Inositol powder, used as a cutting agent.

“Based on my training and experience, I know that drug distributors utilize Inositol powder as a cutting agent in order to generate more product for more proceeds,” the arresting agent said in the arrest affidavit.

Upon finding the 21.8 grams of cocaine, Arellano, charged as a “mediator for a drug transaction,”  was arrested and transported to the Montrose County Jail. He has posted a $25,000 bond and is due back in court Aug. 4.


Task Force, DEA Bust of Meth Dealer

Bernardo Garcia-Sandoval, described to Drug Task Force and DEA agents as a “main source of supply of methamphetamine” in the Montrose area, was arrested two weeks ago with 23.1 grams of meth packaged and ready for sale.  Garcia-Sandoval has posted a $25,000 bond and is due back in court Aug. 7. He is charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled two substance.

According to court records, agents arrested Garcia-Sandoval on June 26 in  a traffic stop in the 400 block of North Townsend Avenue, who had been on the 7th Judicial District Drug Task Force’s radar since 2008. Agents talked with numerous informants, cooperating defendants and other confidential sources who said Garcia-Sandoval was their “main source of supply of methamphetamine and/or cocaine.”

On January 15 and January 30 of this year, a DEA informant purchased four ounces of methamphetamine during the two separate buys from Garcia-Sandoval.

Agents begin audio surveillance May 1, intercepting calls and text messages indicating the “type, quantity, and arrangement for the delivery of and payment of the controlled substances.”

Search warrants for Garcia-Sandoval’s LaSalle Road home and car were obtained; on June 26, he was spotted leaving his home after agents intercepted a call of a pending drug buy.

A Montrose police officer pulled over Garcia-Sandoval on Townsend Avenue at 6:51 p.m., who told officers he had meth in his right pants-pocket; he was arrested after officers found four plastic bags which “contained a white crystalline substance.” He told agents he had two firearms and additional meth at home.

Agents found 23.1 grams of meth, in total.

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