RECIPE | Siam’s Talay Grille’s “Thailandaise Sauce”

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Thailandaise can be served with anything you like with Hollandaise. Try it with seafood, vegetables and eggs.

Approximately 4 Servings

3 whole eggs
1.75 oz. sherry
1.75 oz. lime juice
2.75 oz. sugar
1 tbsp. coconut cream
pinch of salt
10 oz. melted butter

Melt butter over low simmer (on stove or in pan floating inside hot rice cooker).
Whisk sherry, lime juice, sugar, coconut cream, salt in separate bowl. You can’t over whisk it at this point.
Once blended, take melted butter and slowly pour it into mixture, whisking as you go. Pour slow so you don’t scramble the eggs. Pour the mixture back into the container that held the butter and set into rice cooker or on stove set at low. Stir constantly scraping sides and bottom with spatula until it thickens. Serve.

Watch the video.

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