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This concerns the discussion of the fate of the Pandora mill. I strongly support a feasibility study of the mill structure to aid in any decision of the future of the property.

This presents a great opportunity to take advantage to create a greatly improved historical museum – to match the local “world class ski area” with a “world class museum”. This site at the end of the box canyon is not just a mining site, but also the location of the summer quarters of the Ute Indians before they were driven out of the area. It also has historical interest as the local terminus of the Rio Grande Southern railroad, which arrived in the 1890’s, and is also a perfect location to feature the geological history of the “Silvery San Juans.”

With the very high land prices and lack of space, the current local Telluride Historical Museum is severely constrained. At the Pandora mill location, there would be very ample parking and, of course, a huge increase in space for museum exhibits. The surrounding area could be developed with picnic grounds, hiking and biking trails, and perhaps an amphitheatre all in one of the most spectacular sites a museum could have. I’m sure there have been a lot of visitors to Telluride in the past who have not ventured east of town and would marvel at the setting. In addition to housing the museum, the building is large enough to also accommodate other public rooms for meetings and gatherings.

This is an opportunity for the local town and county officials to approach Idarado Mining Co. and Newmont Mining Co. to collaborate to create something truly remarkable. This could be done – in a community that raised 50 million dollars to preserve the west valley floor.


– R. M. (Dick) Swerdfeger


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  1. eileen says:

    Dear Dick,

    The community has many needs at this time other than raising money to convert the old mill into a museum. The old mill and its surrounding land is dangerously polluted. If clean-up is possible, it could be a good project for Idarado to undertake – they have the money and the expertise. The exhibits at the current museum could be greatly improved and the private group who controls the exhibits and the museum have the money to do so. The current board seems more interest in control than in sharing.

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