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It’s usually pretty simple to find a song on the internet these days.
You type the name of it and do a Google search, and 95 percent of the time, it will take you directly to a You Tube page, usually with the name of the song, a picture of the band on it and a play icon. Press play, and there you have it. It works that way because Google owns You Tube, so Google wants the process to be simple and user friendly so you will press play. And when you do so, you usually get an advertisement that plays before the song.
You Tube is the most used platform for listening to music in the world.  When you consider that Gangham style has been seen by over 2 billion people (2,008,904,659 people as of June 8), you begin to see
that Google must sell ads for a lot of money, and that they made a pretty good deal when they bought You Tube for $1.65 billion in 2006.
Consider that Apple just bought Beats, a company that makes headphones for $3 billion. The company has serious street cred because it is owned by Dr. Dre. You have to hand it to a guy who was born in
Compton and once wrote a song called “F***k the Police” and is now a billionaire.  But I digress.  Let’s get back to the point that in 2014, it’s pretty easy to find a song if you want it.
But no so much with “Till the Morning Comes Around” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. I first heard the song when I was working at the Base Camp Theater in Telluride Town Park at Mountainfilm. Barb, the projectionist, had a playlist from a thumbdrive that was playing over
the PA before the screening.  When I heard “Till the Morning Comes Around” I went into the booth and asked what was the name of the song, and Barb told me. “Cool, I’ll grab that as soon as I can,” I thought
to myself. Not so fast.
The Google search was futile. There are several links to people covering the song, a link to the chord progressions, but no direct link to the song itself.  One link said that the song appeared on the
album This Is Somewhere, but a search of the songs on that album revealed that it was not in fact on that release.
I then went to Spotify, nothing.  I then went to I-tunes, nothing. I then went to her website, nothing.  The song did not appear on any of her albums, not on her I-tunes session, nowhere. The song had been sucked into a black hole.
So I went back to Google and started reading the fine print on all the postings. And sure enough, there it was: “originally appeared on 1% for the planet.” So I googled 1% for the Planet and learned about a
very cool non-profit started by Yvonn Chouinard that tries to convince companies to give 1 percebt% of their profits to non-profits dedicated to saving the environment.
1% for peace put together a music compilation that was set up for digital download from the site.  An article for a magazine declared that the download was available for free on Earthday. All you had to do was enter a code.  When I went to the site, I maneuvered myself to the page where I could enter the code that I picked up from the article.  No dice. I then poked around to see if I could purchase the code. Nope.
What was up? Did these folks want to make money for their organization? I gave up for a while and went over to KOTO to see if they happened to have a CD of it. Nope.  I asked Corey Beaton, the all around get it done guy there (he’s more like Robin to Ben Kerr’s
Batman) what he thought I should do.  He went through the same steps and ran into the same roadblocks.  He clicked on a link on the 1% for
Peace website that I had not – Marketing.  And sure enough, there was a phone number.
So I called the number, an 802 exchange (Vermont –you know whoever answers is going to be super chill), and someone answered.  I told him that I was trying to figure out how to download the cd.  He told me “we were charging money for a while, but now we’re just giving it away.” He hooked me up with a code and I downloaded the playlist. It is really solid, and a couple of the tracks are dynamite.  I’m not a
huge Jackson Browne fan but the track “About my imagination” is off the charts.   Since 1% for the planet is giving the playlist away, I’m giving it to you.
Sometimes when you go looking for a gold nugget you find an entire treasure chest.
Enjoy the tunes and stay one step ahead of the blues.

1% For the Planet 

For a free link the music, visit  HYPERLINK “”

1. Great Big MindJosh Ritter

2. Nothing at AllMadi Diaz

3. Prodigal SonAidan Hawken

4. How Deep Is That River (cabin version)Mason Jennings

5. Till The Morning Comes Around (live) Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

6. About My Imagination (live) Jackson Browne

7. Trying To Put Your Heart Back TogetherSlow Runner

8. If You Would Come Back HomeWilliam Fitzsimmons

9. Much Farther To Go (live)Rosie Thomas

10. Country RoadJack Johnson and Paula Fuga

11. ChantaoSambatekes

12. The TideThe Submarines

13. Dirty WingsMegan Slankard

14. Massalassi (piano reprise)Angélique Kidjo

15. Dark HotelK.S. Rhoads

16. Long Way Down (mix G)G. Love & Special Sauce

17. Easy StreetJosh Rouse

18. YumaBirdmonster

19. Sympathetic VibrationsThe Paper Raincoat

20. Tired Of LoveKeegan DeWitt

21. All That RemainsBrandi Carlile

22. Here and Now (remix)Mark Erelli

23. Muddy WaterGreg Copeland

24. Grey SkiesAlexa Wilkinson

25. Sandpaper ShoesChris Velan

26. Ain’t No SecretAlternate Routes

27. The WeightAri Hest

28. Mercy NowLori McKenna

29. HeartsteadyDavid McMillin

30. HandkerchiefsWinterpills

31. Sadie’s SongKatie Herzig

32. Wait For MeMikel Rouse

33. Good Summer RainErica Wheeler

34. All Those TimesGarett Brennan & Great SaltLicks

35. Sow a LittleKaiser Cartel

36. Your Silence Betrays YouMojave

37. I’m In Your LifeJoseph Arthur

38. Some FantasyD.W. Brandt

39. Little BugThe Spring Standards

40. Strange DaysALO

41. Simple And True (bonus track)Sons Of William

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