No on McLachlan


Ah yes, lawyer McLachlan, the incumbent “representative” for our House District 59. Reading letters to the editor praising McLachlan for all he’s purported to do for our district forced me to revisit the debate forums held here in Ouray County two years ago where he campaigned on supporting our Second Amendment rights. But once elected, he stated on the House floor, “No Constitutional Right, even the Second Amendment, is absolute!” He then voted for all the 2013 gun control bills that ultimately caused a recall of two state senators and an “early retirement” for another. McLachlan escaped a similar fate by using $30,000 given to him by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to fight off a recall. McLachlan told a constituent, “No matter what we do, criminals always get guns,” but then he supported laws that restricted law abiding Americans from owning the guns and equipment they could use to defend themselves from these criminals. During the voting on the gun control bills on the House floor, McLachlan consulted with Vice President Biden. After that phone call, McLachlan voted the way Biden directed him, ignoring both his promises and the will of the people he was supposed to represent here in the 59th District. Just who is it he represents? It doesn’t appear he represents we the people of Colorado, or our Constitution! He takes his orders from New York City and the White House.

One writer claims McLachlan, “is one of those who sees the positive government can do for…,” then he lists all of the lame talking points from the McLachlan campaign. I especially find his “standing up for women” a particularly interesting one. I wonder, can an educated wealthy lawyer truly believe a rape whistle ought to be good enough to protect women against attackers?

Another writer claimed that McLachlan, “…sacrificed his life for ours.” Now just how did he do that and still live to fight another day? That’s an insult to all of those who actually did sacrifice their life in the line of military service to our country, and their families.

No, lawyer McLachlan must be held accountable for his duplicitous actions and deceitfulness to the voters of this district. Send him packing back to his law firm.

– Susan B. Watson, Ouray County

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