NEW: Injured Climber Successfully Rescued From Black Canyon

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FR: Black Canyon of the Gunnsion National Park Press Release

MONTROSE — The combined efforts of search and rescue teams from Black Canyon of the Gunnison National  Park, Ouray Mountain Rescue, West Elk Mountain Rescue, and Western State Mountain Rescue, resulted in a successful evacuation of an injured climber on Sunday, April 13.

Rangers at Black Canyon received a report of an injured climber Saturday evening. Climbing rangers, including a park paramedic, located the patient late that evening and bivouacked overnight while providing medical assistance for multiple injuries. The climber was injured when he pulled a large boulder off the wall while leading a pitch on a route called “Hotlanta”, on the Atlantis buttress.

Additional technical rescue teams arrived on Sunday to raise the patient 1,800 feet to the canyon’s North Rim. Intermittent white out conditions, with heavy, wet snow and gusty winds challenged the rescuers during this high angle rescue.

Superintendent Connie Rudd said, “I am very proud of our search and rescue team and of the outstanding cooperative effort involved with our local partners. They have proven once again that visitor and employee safety is of ultimate importance. They carried out this nearly 24 hour long rescue with the utmost of professionalism.”

The climber, who is from Durango, Colorado, is described as stable with ankle, chest, and facial injuries.

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