Telluride Marshal’s Blotter| More Over-served Individuals, Thefts and a Quarantined Dog

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Purse Pickpocket (July 26): Two women reported wallets stolen from a popular drinking establishment in Telluride. The first woman said that her wallet had been taken from her purse the night of the 26th, and that a couple of days later her wallet had been returned to her by some kids who found it on the river trail, missing $40 in cash but with her ID and  credit card still there. Another women reported an identical incident (she put her purse down in the bar and wallet was removed when she wasn’t paying attention) and the wallet is still at large, containing $60 in cash and miscellaneous items.

Quarantined Dog (Aug. 1): A young boy reported being bit by a dog as he rode his Razor scooter on W. Pacific. An officer was called to Telluride Medical Center to take the boy’s statement and observed a bite on his arm, that had bruised but not broken the skin. A concerned citizen helped the boy after he was bit, and was able to obtain the dog owner’s name and phone number. The officer was able to contact the dogowner’s wife, who met him at TMC, paid for the boy’s medical bills and agreed to a home quarantine for the dog. She also offered proof the dog was up to date with shots. Upon further investigation it was discovered that this was the dog’s second biting incident.

Anonymous Gift (Aug. 6): A man advised officers that he had discovered a gun left in his van in the parking lot of a large apartment complex on the west side of town. He stated his van had been parked there for a couple of days and he had not been inside of it. It was unlocked. The officer found that the gun was, in fact, a non-firing replica of a rifle.

String of Retail Thefts (Aug. 7): A purse was stolen from a popular local retail shop. The victim informed the responding officer she had heard of other incidents from neighboring retailers; the investigating  officer discovered an attempted shoplifting at nearby a shop on Main Street. The owner of that shop witnessed a woman attempting to place a camisole in her purse, but after becoming aware she was being watched, the woman placed the item in a different location in the shop. The store owner also observed several wooden pill-boxes in one of the woman’s bags. In talking to other store owners on Main Street, the officer noticed the same pill-boxes in the store, and encouraged the owner of that store to take inventory and see if any had gone missing. These incidents come after several reported thefts from retail businesses in the area in recent weeks.

Drunk in Public (Aug. 11): Contact was made on two different occassions with an intoxicated adult male for disorderly conduct of. First, the driver of a pulled-over vehicle informed the officer of an intoxicated man insulting patrons at a local coffee shop, forcing her to leave in a hurry. Upon responding, the officer observed a man at that coffee shop jumping on and off the bar, and warned the man not to cause any more trouble, as there had been several complaints. The man was then reported by a woman walking her dog in the area to have slashed bike tires at the park on S. Spruce. He was contacted by police on S. Pine, and brandished a knife. The man was held at gunpoint until the knife was dropped and he could be arrested. The man told officers he is homeless.

Drunk in Public (Aug. 7): At 7:55 p.m., an officer reported to Town Park in response to complaint of loud drunk male being verbally aggressive towards people, one of whom reported him for screaming at him after almost getting into a car accident. The officer found the subject of the complaint at a picnic table and informed him he was not allowed to drive, and that any more disturbances would lead to his arrest. Less than an hour later the same officer was dispatched once again to Town Park in response reports that the subject was aggressive and intoxicated. The officer observed the man was even more intoxicated than during the first contact, and arrested him for unlawful conduct.

Drunk in Public (Aug. 5): An intoxicated male was arrested for obstructing the roadway after a call came in advising an officer to check on a man who was having trouble walking. The officer found the male subject lying in the gutter of an exiting driveway from a parking lot in town. The subject explained he was drunk, and having trouble getting up due to the backpack and ukelele strapped to his back. In response to being informed he was being placed under arrest, the subject responded, “Whatever you have to do.”

Drunk in Public (July 29): An officer responded to a call reporting someone yelling loudly in Town Park and made contact with a known local transient (appearing also in “Defecating In Public,” below) hiding beneath a tree, surrounded by beer cans, yelling for his friend. The man, who has been cited several times for illegal camping, stated he was camping for the night, and the officer placed him under arrest for trespass and illegal camping. Again.

Defecating In Public (Aug. 10): An officer was dispatched to the River Trail by the Beaver Pond in response to two calls reporting a homeless-looking man on crutches urinating and defecating on the trail. The first caller told the officer the man approached him when he was done taking care of business and informed him, “I just s*it my pants.” The second caller showed the officer a picture he took with his phone of the man in the act, and the officer recognized him as one of the neighborhood transients. The second caller was also able to show the officer exactly where the crime had taken place. The officer was able to locate the transient the next day, and after informing him he was being watched the day before, and that he had three municipal warrants out for his arrest, placed him under arrest.

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