Montrose Teen Drowns in Delta County

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Teen Reportedly Jumped In to Save Life of Another Swimmer

MONTROSE — A Montrose teen has died after saving the life of another teen in an apparent swimming accident Thursday in Delta County.

The identify of the teen is being withheld by the Delta County Coroner according to Delta County Sheriff Fred McKee.

McKee said a call came in at about 2:15 p.m. Thursday reporting a drowning at the potholes in Escalante Canyon.

Each year spring runoff fills a series of cascading pools in the canyon known as the “potholes.” McKee said the runoff this year is very high, and swimming in the potholes can be dangerous. He confirmed a social media report that the teen, a male, had jumped in the water to save the life of another teen who appeared to be in trouble. That teen, a reported female, survived, while the male teen was killed.

McKee said members of Delta and Mesa County Search and Rescue Teams responded to the incident.

“2004 was the last drowning issue we had there,” McKee reported. He said all of the other teens were released to their parents.

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