Miracle Day Thank You

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Thank you for the coverage your paper gave to the “Miracle Day” fund-raiser for the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program.  Our success from “Miracle Day”  will provide ongoing support for projects and scholarships for our students and clients.

We are grateful to the community donors who provided necessary supplies:

Mountain Village Market; Clark’s Market in Norwood; Pride & Joy Property Management; The Franz Klammer Lodge; Viking Rentals; Tracks Restaurant; Telluride Conoco; City Market, Cortez; Safeway, Cortez; Telluride Conference Center.

We received generous donations from individual donors: The Paulea Family, The Bradley Family, Frank and Pat Eades; Bob McKeever; Beth Starks, Clay Armstrong; Shannon Broderick; Mike and Krista Kimball; Dan and Kristi Covault; Adam Geetter; Julie Martin; Joey Zikor; and special thanks to Mike Pale for the background music.

Once again, our volunteers supplied the work force to make the day a success: GiGi Gerlach; Katie Alexander; Kari and Jordan Bailey; Sue Berg; Andrea Brantingham; Kade Brantingham; J.D. Brantingham; Heather Brown; Frank and Pat Eades; Karen Gauve; Steve Goldberg; Merrie Knowles; Paula Marlatt; Nicole and Ivan Osorio; Gary and Karen Reid; Stephanie Rogers; Jim

A special thanks to all of the Adaptive’s participants and clients with disabilites who took time away from the slopes during Miracle Day to help.

Again, thank you for your interest in our program and for the support that helped make “Miracle Day” a success.


 – Miracle Sickels

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