Lightning Strike Sparks Wildfire on Log Hill Mesa

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OURAY COUNTY – A dry lightning strike sparked a small wildfire on Log Hill Mesa on Sunday afternoon, July 20, burning through roughly two acres of grass and sage before it was contained.

A crew of 12 volunteer firefighters with the Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call at 2:08 p.m., bringing four firefighting vehicles to the scene, about five or six miles north of The Divide Ranch & Club near Snowbush Lane. 

Assistant Fire Chief Tom Austin reported that within 10 minutes, the fire was completely contained and put out, well before it could spread to any trees. The crew then spent the next two-and-a-half hours stirring and dumping water on the ashes to prevent the fire from reigniting. 

“The sage and grass burned fast, but we put it out fast, too,” Austin said. 

This was the second wildfire of the season on Log Hill. The first wildfire flared up Sunday, July 13, and was caused by chainsaw sparks.

The storm that sparked this latest wildfire was capricious, dumping considerable amounts of water in nearby Log Hill Village, but delivering nothing but thunder and lightning to the area to the north where the fire started.

“This is the time of year when it starts,” Austin said of wildfire season, “when we sometimes get the lightning without the rain.

“Let’s hope the monsoons show up with water pretty soon.” or Tweet @iamsamwright

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