Lezah Saunders Candidate for Ouray County Commissioner


Lezah Saunders is a fourth generation member of the Fellin family that has lived in Ouray County since 1896. Lezah values what “Ouray County has been, is and will become to all of its citizens.” As a busy mother to four young adults, Lezah wants to help keep Ouray County strong, vibrant and healthy for future generations.

A graduate of the Colorado School of Mines, with degrees in Mechanical and Environmental engineering, Lezah is no stranger to community service. Since returning to Ouray, Lezah jumped in with both feet to serve the community in many capacities. Lezah is a current member of the City of Ouray Planning and Zoning Commission and the Ouray County Fairgrounds Advisory Council and is well versed on the issues facing our county. Additionally, Lezah has served as President of the Ouray Chamber Resort Association; Chair of the City of Ouray Parks and Recreations; a member of the Community Development Committee and a member of the Bottom-Up Economic Development Group.

Bringing her extensive business background to work for all Ouray County citizens, Lezah has worked as the Health and Safety Manager at the Camp Bird Mine, a math teacher, coach and volunteer for the Ouray schools; and a school board director in Gig Harbor, WA. Lezah also offers her extensive knowledge on issues related to the environment, education and business management. Coupled with her dedicated service to Ouray County, Lezah is the right person to continue serving the county as our next commissioner. Her goals are to bring realistic and efficient priorities to county government; to uphold individual rights through livable regulations; to explore and promote economic opportunities; to preserve water and land use rights and to focus on improvements to county infrastructure. One of Lezah’s most important goals is to unify Ouray County which will foster an environment of cooperation and dedication among our citizenry to preserve our rural way of life, to encourage tourism and protect the health, safety and welfare for our community. Contact her at: lezah4bocc@gmail.com, or call her at 970-424-1481.


– Carol Garard, Campaign Manager    


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