Let’s Not Betray Our Beautiful Ouray


While I was sitting in the lobby of the Ouray Hot Springs one evening, several young people came in to register. The smell of marijuana was as prevalent as if they had been in a closed car.

My first thought was a prayer, “Oh God please protect our city from this curse.”

We are so blessed to live in this beautiful area that God created. This is a Mecca for families and young people from all over the world to come in for summer and winter activities that Ouray offers. 

Ouray is truly unique. It is the “little Switzerland” of Colorado. I know of no other place as beautiful. It has everything to offer. There is no need to cave into outside pressures of inviting a substance for sale that would contaminate our city. Have we not learned our lessons with tobacco and alcohol that have destroyed so many lives?

Responsible adults have the charge to provide and maintain a healthy environment for our youth and families that live here or come here for pleasurable vacations. Let us not betray our beautiful Ouray for 30 pieces of silver.


 – Dodie Merriett Drechsler, Ouray 

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Category: Archive > February 2014

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