January is National Mentoring Month


Did you know January is National Mentoring Month?  I would like to take this chance to motivate the region to volunteer to become a mentor to a child in need.  Many of you inspired me to become a mentor just over a year ago and I only have one regret: I wish I had done it sooner!   

So why did it take me so long?  I was under the false impression that I would have to have a ton of extra time to dedicate to mentoring when that actually isn’t the case at all.  I invite my buddy along for many different kinds of adventures whether it is a hike or trip to Montrose or trying a new recipe together!  I was also under the impression that it would be one-sided, where I would give so much of myself and not get much back which is also not true.  My experience is that mentoring is a gift for the mentor just as much as the mentee and the support you receive from One to One in Telluride is outstanding.  It connects you so much more with this community and opens your heart completely.  

My buddy and I combine homework and play on a weekly basis.  Tuesdays have become my favorite day of the week because that is the day I get to go pick up Roxana from school.  All it takes is a conversation with your employer or boss that you want to volunteer as a mentor or study buddy.  I’m sure you’ll find that you gain respect from your employer with the request to give back to this community even if you take a couple hours off work a week.   

Roxana has also broadened my list of favorite things to do in Telluride.  For example, I had never been ice-skating or sledding here and we have done both.  She even had a sled in the cardboard sled Derby fundraiser for One to One and they made it to the final round!  Roxana had never been skiing but thanks to the ski resort providing lift tickets for Roxana and Telluride Sports giving her rentals for free, it’s now one of her favorite things to do.  

Roxana and I really appreciate the Telluride restaurants and businesses that support One to One.  It makes living here more exciting to be able to experience new things with your mentor like seeing a show at the Palm or a movie at the Nugget or having pizza at Brown Dog or iceskating for free thanks to Boot Doctors!  We love going to festivals too thanks to the generosity from Bluegrass and JazzFest.  Wait until you see the amazement on your mentee’s face looking up at the town park stage!

 I hope this information helps answer any questions you may have had that might be obstacles holding you back from becoming a mentor.  We currently have about 30 fun-loving kids who want mentors or study buddies on the wait list so please consider applying today at onetoonementoring.org


– Hilary Taylor, Mentor & One to One Board Member

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