J. Paul Brown, Yes; McLachlan, No

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Often in these letters to the editor I have attacked what I see as the fraud of man-caused, global climate change, nee global warming. For this I have been called “abysmally ignorant” and a racist to boot. I have studied these issues at length and, together with some background in chemistry and physics, feel well grounded in my conclusions.

One conclusion is that the so-called Renewal (sic) Energy Standards will not effect any change in global climate and that the reason for adopting such standards is based on the false premise that man burning fossil fuels is warming the climate and that tragedy lies ahead. To force upon us, who pay for electricity, higher bills, because of the demand by a few for greater adoption of renewable sources (wind, killing eagles and solar), is just plain stupid. Michael McLachlan faithfully towed the progressive party line and voted to cram increased renewal (sic) energy standards down our throats.

J. Paul Brown would not have worked this kind of harm on us, the electricity consumers. I’m not sure if J. Paul, like me, would go so far as to label this climate hype an outright fraud, but he knows that renewable energy standards will not result in any change in climate. He also is a believer in markets and that if solar and wind generation were economically feasible and could function without huge federal subsidies they would do so. They do not and cannot.

Let’s undo the damage done by Michael McLachlan and return J. Paul Brown to the legislature.

– George Thompson, Durango


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