It’s Time for a KOTO Board Election

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You can run (a radio station into the ground) but you can no longer hide ( the membership rolls) or hide from the members who used to be the most important part of KOTO.

I am on the East Coast, and have been for most of the summer, but still had my ear to the ground when it comes to my favorite radio station, KOTO. The news is not good, and if any of you had been paying attention for the last year, you would have sensed what many of us sensed

when Dina Coates Koebler was appointed the executive director.

I have been an advocate of change at KOTO, but all change is not good and sometimes how you change can make a huge difference. It can be done with GRACE and support of the community. The facts and figures of KOTO since this not-so-graceful change are there for all to see. It is going to take a mighty big broom to sweep all of this under the rug, as this board has been so fond of doing.  You have swept the public feeling about special events under that rug and the questions about finance and membership roles and about elections and secret meetings  and proper notice and accountability under that rug. Guess what? The rug is not that big.

It is time for all of you on the board to admit that even though the rug is not that big, it is bigger than all or anyone of you. It is time for you all to resign and let a proper and fair election take place as soon as possible.


– Peter Chapman


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