History Comes Alive in Museum’s Fireside Chats

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Wednesdays in Norwood and Thursdays in Mountain Village 

SAN MIGUEL COUNTY – The Telluride Historical Museum brings three weeks of Fireside Chats to Telluride and Norwood in August, focusing on Colorado history during the Second World War.

On Wednesdays in Norwood, and Thursdays in Telluride, presentations include Rosie the Riveter (Ace of Norwood Livery Playhouse, Wed., Aug. 6 at 6 p.m., and at the Madeline Hotel in Telluride’s Mountain Village, Thursday, Aug. 7, at 5:30 p.m.), the iconic persona from World War II encapsulating the spirit of women filling factory positions vacated by enlisting men. On Wednesday, Aug. 13 and Thursday, Aug. 14 (same venues, same times), author and military historian Flint Whitlock discusses the 10th Mountain Division, the light infantry division his father served with during World War II. The 10th, an experiment in new fighting techniques, trained its members to ski, climb and survive in harsh terrain (after the war, members of the 10th played a crucial role in Colorado, and in the development of the ski industry). And on Wednesday, Aug. 20 and Thursday, Aug. 21, Dr. Bonnie Clark, an archaeologist and professor of anthropology at the University of Denver, presents information about The Amache Project, an ongoing archaeological dig at the site of a Japanese internment camp near Granada, Colo. The internment of Japanese Americans during World War II constituted the largest mass movement of people in United States history, with over 120,000 relocations; 7,300 of which were to Amache.

Fireside Chats are offered at no charge, in conjunction with the Telluride Historical Museum’s current annual exhibit, Voices of Wartime: Telluride During World War II, on display through March 2015.

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