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My name is Jonathan Greenspan and I’m running for county commissioner, District 2.

As a citizen like you, I have been watching and waiting for years as the same topics are discussed over and over again without any progress being made. I am disappointed and I understand that many of you are too.

I think it’s time for new leaders that bring constructive action that solve our problems rather than over analyze. The people of San Miguel County need commissioners who communicate, not just to a select few, but also to people throughout the county. San Miguel County has grown and evolved and now is the time for a shift in policy and a change in the overall culture.

If you don’t know your commissioner and what they have done for you, then I would like the opportunity to be your voice. I will listen to you; represent your business, your neighborhood, your family, and your community. That is the only way I can serve your needs in a balanced way.

For years the county commission has driven unfunded mandates. The current administration is 100 percent reactionary to community issues and their actions lack progressive thinking. There needs to be more forethought and positive action. There are too many meetings with few results. I have served on councils and boards and I know how to get things done. I will work with individual citizens, concerned groups, and small business owners to put realistic plans in place and subsequently implement them in a timely manner.

Each of you could tell me what current issues facing the county are most important to you. But to start out, I would address the economy and how to stimulate it. Recognizing that we have a tourism and recreation economy. We should have an economic coordinator for San Miguel County. We really need to focus on diversifying the economy so we don’t repeat the same mistakes we had in the last recession so jobs and people can stay in our area. We must address workforce housing and identify locations immediately so we can plan for the future.

We need a comprehensive environmental plan that is both internal and external. This would include an energy policy and attention to our physical landscape, which is our watershed. In addition, we have to have efficiencies of government that includes a transportation strategy. It also includes efficiencies in government so we don’t duplicate programs. Our economic engine depends on it. Unfortunately, we are behind on so many of these challenges and they are all interconnected.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we must protect it. It is incumbent upon us to demonstrate to our visitors that we not only care deeply about our home, but also understand how our actions impact the world. Whether you use the word “green” or approach the issue of “environmental sustainability” as an economic topic, this is just one more thing that we are so far behind on.

Overall I will tell you that without planning, which is what has been missing in our current administration, we can’t be successful in putting sound strategies in place.

I do believe in term limits for the commissioners and district voting structure. I think this issue should be put on the ballot. Fresh ideas and new perspectives are necessary for our county to be competitive. It is essential that there is equal representation for everyone in our county: east to west; north to south. A commissioner has to listen to all views and ideas to find that common ground. This is crucial for any county plan to work.

I have lived in San Miguel County for 24 years and I am passionate about serving. In the past, I served six years as an Mt Village metro District Director, eight years as Mt village town Council Member, four of which as Mayor Pro Tem, and four years as TMVOA  as a commercial representative and one term residential representative, two of which as president. In addition I have been President of Region 10 and on numerous boards statewide on topics from forest health to recreation. Currently if you elect me as your County Commissioner. I will listen, I will communicate, and I will do my very best to put plans into action and allow them to work for you.  I am ready to serve all of you.

– Jonathan Greenspan, Candidate for District 2 County Commissioner

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