Got a Hankering for Good Wings? Horsefly Brings the Heat.

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HorseflyDISHAnybody who loves hot wings knows when you have a hankering for spicy, crispy and meaty wings you better have a go-to spot in town where you won’t be disappointed. For us, the Horsefly Brewing Company in Montrose has become the place to satisfy our wing craving.

It’s no secret that Horsefly is the place to grab a locally brewed beer with friends for a good time in a relaxed atmosphere. What may not be so well known is that Horsefly’s wings are some of the best in town.

For $9.99, Horsefly serves up 10 wings with your choice of sauces. While many judge wings on size and crispiness, others judge solely on the sauce. At Horsefly, the wings are crispy and the sauces, all eight of them, are full of tang and spice. Sauces include classic Buffalo; garlic parmesan; a sweet and smokin’ barbecue; the down and dirty sauce made with classic buffalo mixed with chunks of garlic and blue cheese; the mustard and pepper gold rush sauce; Phil’s Hoppin sauce that’s sweet, spicy sauce that’s finished with hops; a sweet and spicy sauce; and rude hot sauce.

On a recent Friday night, we went for half classic Buffalo and half rude sauce. The rude sauce may not sock you in the mouth right away but beware of the slow heat it brings. Our consumption of cold brews escalated from there. I like a wing sauce that pushes me to the heat limit and the rude sauce does just that.

Grab a Bug Eye Blonde, a pub ale or a Peacemaker IPA and dig in. Wings at the Horsefly are for real.

LIKE A CHALLENGE?: Horsefly does offer a wing challenge where you must eat 10 wings in 10 minutes. Those wings, however, are covered with an intense  blend of spiciness. I’ve heard that this challenge has ruined a few nights. Anyone who completes the challenge gets those wings for free. If not, it’ll cost you your dignity and $15 bucks.

846 E. Main Street, 970/249-6889

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