Free Skiing for ‘Elderly’ 60-Year-Olds


Your recent article “Elderly Couple Rescued from Lizard Head Wilderness” presented a harsh but self-evident truth.  As you reported, people aged 67 and 69 are most certainly elderly.

Hopefully, the Telluride Ski Resort will also acknowledge this all too obvious fact by issuing their Palmyra Pass to all those 60 years and over (instead of the current 80 years and over).  This will allow the elderly, i.e., those 60 and older, to ski for free.  Come on Telluride Ski Resort . . . follow the Watch‘s lead and support our elderly citizens.


– Nick Williams (age 61 and still on but not over the hill)


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  1. FaceOnMars says:

    Right on Nick!

    I find Telski’s pricing structure to be repugnant regarding a total lack of respect for our communities aging / elderly population. It’s often very difficult for people to simply live at a high elevation under harsh winter conditions, let alone be able to ski/snowboard.

    Telski created a “Young Adult Season Pass” for ages 19-24 which is billed at the same rate as the “Senior Season Pass” ($720 EB / $1350 Reg.) for ages 65-69. I would like to know what an average 19 year old has accomplished which sets them apart from a 61 year old resident who must pay the full Adult Season Pass rate of 1,128 EB / $1,950 reg.?!?

    It looks as if the Young Adult Season Pass is probably Telski’s way of bypassing the issue of verifying whether an individual is enrolled in college (which was a previous discounted tier) … but by perhaps solving what may have been a logistical issue, Telski now gives a carte blanche discount to an age bracket which is arguably the “least desserving” as a general demographic.

    What’s even more laughable is the 80 & up tier to be able to ski for free! Talk about the airlines making frequent flier mile seats scarce or hotel awards unattainable for decent hotels, this is clearly a “false finish line” which takes the cake, IMO!

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