Flash Cadillac Hits Sunset Stage in Mountain Village

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FLASH CADILLAC (Courtesy photo)

FLASH CADILLAC (Courtesy photo)

Formerly known as Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids, the late-60s era band from Boulder has since shed the second half of their Hughey Plumley given name. A move to L.A. in 1971 saw the band on American Bandstand before they ever released an album – one of the few to ever do so. From there a whirlwind trip through Hollywood saw them playing as Herbie and the Heartbeats in George Lucas’ movie American Graffiti. They followed that up with a random appearance on Happy Days, and even a cameo in Apocalypse Now.

Musically speaking, the the retro rock ‘n’ roll act has songs filled with humorous, innuendo-laced lyrics like “Did The Boogie (With Your Baby),” which recounts an era where copulation in a dark movie theatre was the way to go. That song would peak at #29 on the Billboard chart, drawing attention to their third studio release Sons of the Beaches. Other tracks like “Summer Means Fun” and “Come On, Let’s Go” tap into classic Beach Boys motifs of beach life and utopian depictions of endless summers in some unknown locale. Although typically regarded as an outdated, cheesy cliche of a genre, the bubble gum surf rock of yesteryear can still be a fun season anthem of sorts with the right amount of beverages in play. With three original members having passed due to heart attacks and Lou Gehrig’s disease, bassist Warren Night and saxophone player Dwight Bement keep the Flash Cadillac dream alive with a performance at the Sunset Concert Series in Mountain Village this week.
Flash Cadillac, Thu., July 3, Sunset Plaza, Mountain Village, 6-8 p.m., Free

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