First-Time Homebuyers Thanks


We would like to extend a wholehearted “thank you” to the Telluride Association of Realtors and the First Time Homebuyers Assistance Program for helping us make the purchase of our new home possible.

As a lifelong local, the allure and magnetism of living in this region is certainly not lost on me. I am in awe, daily, of the natural beauty of the place where I grew up. I am grateful, daily, for our community and the sense of wonder that radiates amongst us. Amy (an eleven year local) and I were steadfast in our vision of remaining in this area, driven by the marvelous quality of life that living in these mountains affords. With the assistance of TAR’s FTHBAF, we have finally realized the dream of staying AND of having a place to call our own. This type of advocacy for the people who live here, as provided by TAR, is positively vital to our broad community.

An additional thank you to Rosie Cusack and Telluride Luxury Rentals and Real Estate for her considerable expertise and unwavering assistance from beginning to end.


– Erin Hamilton-Homer and Amy Smith


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