Felt App Gives New Life to Handwritten Cards

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TELLURIDE ENTREPRENEUR -  Felt Co-founder Tomer Alpert  smiled outside a popular local coffee shop with everything he needs to send a hassle-free, handwritten greeting. (Photo by Allison Perry)

TELLURIDE ENTREPRENEUR – Felt Co-founder Tomer Alpert outside a popular local coffee-shop with everything he needs to send a hassle-free, handwritten greeting on Felt App. (Photo by Allison Perry)

Because Sometimes Email Isn’t Good Enough

TELLURIDE – Telluride local and Felt App co-founder Tomer Alpert believes there is something inherently special about written messages.

“The trend of going from physical to digital ways of conversing has made communication lackluster and artificial” he says. “There are certain special moments in life that email just isn’t good enough for.”

With the goal of giving people a way to more conveniently add special and personal touches to their correspondences, Alpert and his fiancée, Gracie Everitt, and co-founders David Littlejohn and Andrew Clark, launched Felt App in May 2013. Felt App gives iPad users the ability to create beautiful, personal, handwritten cards that are sealed, stamped and mailed all from the screens of their iPads.

On Aug. 5, users will also be able to upload and send personalized photographs with the cards for an additional dollar.

The process is simple. The app can be purchased from the app store. Users then follow easy prompts (or begin by watching a video on the company’s website) to select from one of many cards designed exclusively for Felt, ranging from birthday, holiday and thank you cards to blank cards with unique artwork on the front. They then write their message in the card using the touchscreen, add an address and pay.

Felt takes care of printing and mailing the cards, which cost $3.99 apiece.

“Felt removes the inconvenient steps of having to go shopping or go to the post office, and gets rid of obstacles involved in sending mail,” Alpert says. “Now it’s all in one place, and it becomes an easy and fun experience again.”

PERSONALIZED TOUCH - Felt cards and photos (coming Aug. 5) add a unique and personal flourish to via iPad. (Photo by Allison Perry)

PERSONAL TOUCH – Felt cards and photos (coming Aug. 5) add a unique and personal flourish to via iPad. (Photo by Allison Perry)

Homegrown Business

Felt was conceived in Telluride, but the business has employees all over the country. Alpert is in charge of marketing and business development; he lives Telluride, with Everitt, who, in addition to co-founding Felt, also owns Fondue for You, a fondue delivery service.

Clark, Felt App’s chief strategist, and creative director Littlejohn, both reside in Chattanooga, Tenn., and have a 10-person team assisting them with Felt App. They also work for the Chattanooga-based creative agency Humanaut, the innovative firm behind Soda Stream’s advertisements starring Scarlett Johansson.

Engineer Jeff Schwab lives in Seattle, along with two other part-time contractors employed by Felt.

When asked if he has plans within the company to eventually have everyone residing in the same area, Alpert details his plans for sponsoring an annual company trip to Telluride and notes with an air of mischief that “it is not the idea to force people to move here, but if we could entice them a little bit with a free yearly trip and they decided to move here or spend more time here, that would be awesome.”

“That’s how I ended up here,” he says. “I just came for a wedding.”

The Future

Felt presently offers handwritten cards on iPad, but Alpert plans to expand in the very near future.

“On Aug. 5 we will be offering users the option to make up to three photos for $1 each to include with the cards,” he says, “and they will also be able add text to the front, the back and on the photo itself.”

He adds, “I love the way the photos look with handwritten text on the pictures themselves. It gives them a really unique quality.”

The previews of photos Alpert has with him are indeed unique, resembling a cross between a slightly washed-out vintage print and a Polaroid. They are small enough to fit in the cards, but big enough to stand on their own as a card, especially when text is added.

“We are also going reinvent holiday cards using photos,” Alpert says. “We have a lot of holiday-inspired frames you can put your photographs in and write and doodle on, front and back, and we will have an option for people to mail the same photo to multiple people.”

The holiday cards Felt will offer are similar to popular holiday greeting cards made up of a photo and a blank area for text alongside the photos that families and parents of newborns mail in droves throughout the holiday season.

And as with the original cards, Felt will streamline the process so that users can avoid all the hassles and multiple steps associated with making a holiday card out of a photograph.

Learn more or download the app yourself at www.feltapp.com, or follow Felt on Facebook.

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