TSD2027 Community Visioning Session">TSD2027 Community Visioning Session

05/27/14 @ 5:30 pm
Telluride High School, Rm 234
Paul Reich

Join Dr. Kyle Schumacher, Superintendent, and members of the Telluride R-1 School District Board of Education in a visioning session to reimagine public school education for the class of 2027 (the members of the class of 2027 will enter kindergarten in August of this year). The Board of Education and staff of the Telluride schools are in the process of examining the many aspects of public school education, now and in the future, including curriculum, class sizes and structure, physical buildings, the role of technology, and how kids will learn, now and in the future, for jobs that exist today, and will exist in 2027. This is one of three sessions the community is invited to. You need only attend one of the sessions.


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