Elderly Couple Rescued From Lizard Head Wilderness

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SAN MIGUEL COUNTY – After spending a night in the high country, a San Miguel County Search and Rescue team rescued a lost and stranded elderly couple from the Lizard Head Wilderness Wednesday morning.

The Moab couple told sheriff’s deputies they were mushroom hunting in the Lizard Head Wilderness area Tuesday and intended to return to their vehicle parked at the Cross Mountain trailhead that evening. The 69 year-old male, David Bodner, called relatives Wednesday morning indicating they were lost and cold, with concern that his wife, 67 year-old Meeche Bodner, was hypothermic. The couple had spent the night in the wilderness.

A 911 call was received at 0635 Wednesday from the couple’s family, and San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office immediately launched a search and rescue mission.

Approximately a dozen SMSO Search and Rescue personnel were dispatched to the scene with assistance of a Olathe Spray Services helicopter and pilot. Six members from Rico Fire were also staged on scene with their equipment and ATVs.

At 0941 a Sheriff Deputy established contact with the couple from the helicopter.

Sheriff Bill Masters said the search and rescue mission was relatively quick.

“We were able to locate them on initial air approaches, and a safe extrication was accomplished quickly,“ Masters said.

Meeche was transported via helicopter to the Telluride Airport where Telluride EMS treated and transported her to the Telluride Medical Center for evaluation. David, though cold, was uninjured and drove his vehicle, escorted by SMSO, to Telluride.

The Lizard Head Wilderness area is located in both Dolores and San Miguel counties, approximately 10 miles SW of Telluride.

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