Don’t Kid Yourself


I wonder if your readers, who freak out at the word ‘tax,’ realize that 0.3 percent equals .30 cents on $100?  I’ll bet they spend that much on snacks every day. Thirty cents doesn’t seem like much of an investment for the return Montrose will reap with a state-of-the-art recreation center.

The MRD Board hired RPI Consulting to do an economic effect study regarding the benefits Montrose would gain from having a recreation center. The results showed that the county would realize $4.6 million in added benefits.  Where else can one get that kind of return on a 0.3 per cent investment?

This tax will bring in 1.3 million dollars per year, 30 percent of which will be paid for by tourists visiting our city.

I live in the county and we do all our shopping in Montrose. We are 100 percent in favor of building this rec center. I travel to the Delta Recreation Center weekly to work out. I would much rather spend money in my hometown.  By the way, the Delta Rec Center has been in existence for 20 years, and a 1 percent sales tax helps pay its expenses.

Reading about the graffiti in yesterday’s paper tells me that kids in Montrose don’t have worthwhile activities available to them.  My wife worked in Juvenile Services and knows first hand about juvenile felons in our county. You’re kidding yourself if you think there’s plenty for kids to do.

My take is that the whole county will benefit from a rec center, all ages and all abilities, people from all walks of life. Older adults need to know that exercise and activity will add years to their lives.   

Vote yes for your own benefit!

 – Wally von Helms, Montrose


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