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The root of the problem is, of course, that we are no longer masters of our own fates; our lives are not our own. Over-population is probably part of it: There were three billion human beings on the Earth in 1960, and today there are more than seven billion. With less jobs and more job-seekers, the dignity of labor is inevitably lost. Check out how billion-dollar corporations now use “interns,” “trainees” and “temps” to squeeze low-cost labor out of jobless or underemployed college graduates. And it is much worse in areas of Africa, where a country’s natural riches are exploited by foreign businesses with almost no skilled or semi-skilled jobs set aside for the locals, even when the country’s universities are churning out tens of thousands of potential future administrators, engineers and technically skilled craftsmen. It may be “alright” to exploit a country (it actually isn’t), but at least leave behind a viable social, political and economic infrastructure and the beginnings of a cadre of skilled locals to staff it. When King Leopold of Belgium, who murdered millions of Africans in “his” Congo with mass executions, slave labor and the like, ”freed” the Congo, he left behind just 1 (one) Congolese M.D. as his legacy.

And while the world’s burgeoning labor force was being steadily reduced to the role of mendicants, serfs and slaves, the global economy was being taken over by the most vicious, destructive economic system ever devised by human beings, the empire of multinational corporations that now essentially rule the planet, reducing nation states in most of the world to craven lackeys, who ignore their citizens almost totally while they kowtow to super-tycoons, most of whom, let’s not mince words, belong on the gallows or Devil’s Island for their war crimes, their wanton destruction of enormous tracts of rich coastline and offshore waters, warping democratic systems with a tsunami of dirty money to overwhelmingly overwhelm any candidate they dislike.

If the Koch Brothers discovered oil beneath Arlington National Memorial Cemetery, or the site of the Crucifixion in Jerusalem, they would be cooking up a slick, stomach-turning TV ad campaign to persuade us that “drilling won’t really harm anything,” and that we must continue to pursue the 100 percent fake Crusade for American self-sufficiency in energy at any cost, “to preserve our ‘freedom,’” somehow.

Note: There is a statute in Iowa mandating that 15 percent of the State’s energy use come from wind, solar or other non-fossil fuel. As a result, a burgeoning wind-generation industry has grown up in Iowa, with factories turning out the hardware for whole wind farms of increasing efficiency, work crews installing complexes of windmills and generators and farmers overjoyed to get royalty payments for their land’s energy production without the drawbacks of aquifer destruction and worsening air quality.

Every time the statute comes up for renewal, Kochs and company come up with millions of dollar, attempting to repeal the State’s clean energy statute, in hopes that ALL of Iowa’s energy can be required to come from fossil-fuel combines like theirs.

This is madness, unadulterated greed so illogical and absurd that it reads like Swift, Twain, Bierce, or – no higher praise – SJ Perelman, at their very best.

Yet these gargoyles, these gold-plated shmoos, these semi-human balloon sculptures are as grotesque as the worst nightmare creations of Hieronymus Bosch, are the powers who collectively rule our world, and our lives.

Be afraid; be very, very afraid.

Or, better, be angry, be very,very angry, and for God’s sake, let’s DO something about it.


Part 3 conclusion to follow. To read Part 1, click here.


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  1. DougDolde says:

    Where did you come up with “9 billion?” people in the world today? Clearly you are mistaken.

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