Comedy of Errors

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On May 16 a trail began regarding CORA requests of a local business, Black Canyon Jet Center-BCJC and Montrose County-MC. CORA stands for The Colorado Open Records Act statute that establishes the rules for public access to government records throughout the state. A formal opinion from past Attorney General Ken Salazar stated “The CORA gives people in Colorado a very important right. It allows them to learn what their government is doing. The citizens of Colorado want an open government, and this statute is the most basic embodiment of that goal.”

That afternoon the court learned that the BCJC had to request information three times, beginning in 2013. The County did not follow the rules regarding timely responses and gave incomplete information.

MC Airport director Lloyd Arnold’s testimony revealed a host of errors. The legal counsel for the County tried to deny the Colorado Procurement Code-PC from being admitted into evidence, stating that the MC Procurement Manual-PM was the standard followed by the county. The facts demonstrated MC is a statutory County and the Colorado Code trumps the County Manual. When Mr. Arnold answered questions regarding his understanding of the Request for Proposal-RFP process provided in the County PM, he explained, where RFP/contracts/agreements are stored and that documents would be shredded if not signed or executed. Questions were raised why the preparation of the RFP was done outside the County Procurement Office and sent via private emails to people other than the designated MC Airport Evaluation Committee? And why the PC retention schedule requirements of 3 years would not be followed?

The trial had to be continued to Monday, June 9th. Maybe the public will learn why the 2013-2014 RFP used for a new Fixed Based Operator-FBO is being withheld from the public? Maybe the facts will restore public trust?


- Tammy D. Theis, Montrose

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