City of Montrose Requests Public Input for ADA Transition Plan

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MONTROSE – The City of Montrose is working to develop an American with Disabilities Act Transition Plan to identify obstacles to pedestrians within the public right-of-way and to establish a plan for replacement and achieving ADA compliance and accessibility.

“The ADA requires a public entity with more than fifty employees to ‘ensure that continuous, unobstructed sidewalks and curb ramps are maintained in operable working condition,’” said Community Development Director Kerwin Jensen. “A transition plan is considered standard practice to inventory the current condition of sidewalks and curb ramps, and to prioritize locations for construction.” Plans typically include the following six components: policy summary, identify the designated ADA Coordinator, implementation, self-evaluation summary, design procedure, and grievance procedure.

The city has developed a draft transition plan to begin addressing these components and understands that input from the public is necessary to ensure success. The city will hold a town hall meeting at the Warrior Resource Center (11 South Park Avenue) on August 6th at 6 p.m., to discuss the draft transition plan, educate the public about the purpose of a transition plan, and gain a better understanding of where there are accessibility issues within city right-of-ways.

For more information, please contact Jensen at 970/240-1478 or

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